Re: Squid and mallinfo() on Solaris 2

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 97 23:07:44 -0700 writes:

>If not lost in the mists of time, does anyone know why
>explicitly avoids the library which includes mallinfo? Is it, in fact, safe
>to use -lmalloc with Squid on Solaris 2 (2.4? 2.5?), getting mallinfo and
>the associated version of malloc etc.? If it *is* OK to use -lmalloc, is
>there any way to get configure to use it short of attacking
>with an editor to remove the explicit check (and is that sufficient for it
>to find it in /usr/ccs/lib)?
>I suspect the answer will be "mallinfo is ignored because that library is
>broken", but alternatively it may be "... that library was broken in earlier
>versions of Solaris 2", and it's OK to use now.

Historically, -lmalloc has cause very serious memory leaks on all
Sun/Solaris versions. I don't have a full list of exactly which
versions. I certainly wouldn't recommend linking with -lmalloc
until someone is brave enough to confirm that its not broken
any more.

BTW, installing gnumalloc as described at will get you mstats()
which is similar to, but simpler than mallinfo().

Duane W.
Received on Mon Aug 25 1997 - 23:08:56 MDT

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