cache hierarchies performance

From: Tuomo Pyhala <>
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 1997 21:41:12 +0300 (EET DST)

I have currently a squid cache set up. It has two parents both running
Netscape proxy software. Well i was wondering if i would gain some
performance if i would set it up as neighbors with one cache too. This
cache is close to us in network (only 4 hops) and is running squid.

Anyway i was wondering how it would work, would it first wiat reply from
this cache and after that ask from parent? So this would cause more dealys
if the document ain't found from our cache (30% hit rate) or neighboring
cache (even smaller than ours).

Other question concerns about the access control, can i deny the other
cache from asking documents, which aren't currently in our cache, from our
server? This is essential because e have large bills from internet usage,
and even if the other cache (which i don't adminster) was misconfigured i
wouldn't like it to raise our bills. The traffic between these cache
doesn't affect the bills of course.

Sorry for my bad english, but try to understand, i'll be thankful for any
replies :)
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