ERR_READ_ERROR on SGI web site

From: Andrew Moar <>
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 1997 14:25:07 +1000 (EST)

Hi all,

We're running squid v1.1.14 on a Digital Unix V4.0B box, neighbouring with
5 other squid servers. Squid has been (and still is) running very nicely,
serving over 500K TCP request per day. We have recently encountered a
problem with the SGI web site ( When the proxy isn't
used, everything is fine. Through the proxy, the following error is

  * Read Error

The system returned:

    (54) Connection reset by peer

This means that:

    The remote site or network may be down. Please try again.

I've tried to reload (shift-reload) the page - still the same. cache.log
tells me it's an ERR_READ_ERROR, as does access.log. Interestingly, if
one of out siblings has a copy, we can receive it from the sibling
(obviously someone is doing something right!).

Any ideas?

        Andrew Moar : Ph +61 3 9479 1505 email
            Systems Programmer, Information Technology Services
                    La Trobe University, Melbourne
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