Re: Incorrect DNS

From: Lyndon Levesley <>
Date: Thu, 04 Sep 1997 13:40:49 +0100

>>>>> On Thu, 4 Sep 1997 at around 08:33:07,
>>>>> "MD" == Marc Delisle penned:

 MD> Rania Fakhoury wrote:

 +> Hi,

 +> I just installed squid 1.1.16 on linux 2.0.30. When I retrieve a dns with "underscore", I have the following error:

 +> The requested URL could not be retrieved

 +> While trying to retrieve the URL: <>
 +> The following error was encountered:
 +> Invalid URL syntax
 +> This means that:
 +> Please double check it, or ask for assistance.

 +> I checked Changelog for squid1.1.16 and I notice that it is a fixed bug (DNS with underscore are incorrect).

 +> But, there is some "incorrect DNS" in the world and squid does not allow them. Is there any workaround?

 MD> I had to deal with an underscore name on another site in my city. Some
 MD> sysadmins mailed the non-standard site's sysadmin, telling him that they
 MD> could not reach his site, and he stopped to use the underscore name.

 Indeed. This should _not_ be fixed in squid or any other DNS
application. Underscores are not valid in a DNS name and most
resolvers won't resolve them these days. The registry that handled
that domain should not have allowed it in the first place, so they
could do with some "whinging" too :)

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