Re: Global proxy autoconfig script?

From: Dave Zarzycki <>
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 97 21:25:34 -0700

>Perhaps his would be good as a sub-routine to each ISP own auto-config
>file, but is this scalable ? Autooconfig is nothing but a java script,
>interpreted for EACH object. Is this is BIG, it will be SLOW...

The Proxy Auto Configuration (PAC) script could be generated by a Perl
script on the server side tailored specifically for the client. Or the
"global PAC server" could be a proxy for PAC servers around the world, so
that clients don't have to keep track themselves of what server to query.
Or change their client if the local PAC server goes down.

Wait a second! (Read, my train of thought at work. :-)

Being a proxy for PAC scripts would be bad, most clients/end users don't
care what it does, as long as it works. Someone might abuse this "proxy
of PAC scripts" capabilities to have clients do things they weren't
supposed to. What is needed is for the Global PAC server to publish the
Perl script on their web page, complete with PGP signatures, etc. A good
thing to keep in mind is that large or paranoid organizations will
probably not use this service. Besides, the Global PAC file/script is of
more use to those users whose ISP/organization doesn't have a local cache.

On another note, we could advertise it as a FREE web accelerator that
works the world round! Not only would we reduce Internet bandwidth
consumption, but we would accelerate web browsing at the same time and
create the need for better behaved web servers, browsers, and non-ICP


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