Re: stopping transfer when user quits

From: Stephen R. van den Berg <>
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 1997 18:04:19 +0200

Martin Boening wrote:
>E.g., we have "quick_abort 50 90 200", which is supposed to mean that an
>aborted ftp-transfer is finished by the proxy, if less than 50 KByte are
>yet to be retrieved or the transfer is 90% complete. If more than 200 KByte
>remain to be retrieved, the transfer is aborted, unless the 90% criterium
>is true. Thats what the documentation says, anyhow.

It's such that:
1. Less than 50KB left to download will *always* cause the
   transfer to finish.
2. More than 200KB left to download will *always* cause the transfer to
3. If neither 1, nor 2 catches, we finish the transfer if we have at
   least 90% of the file already.

At least, that's what I intended it to be. If squid or the docs
do or say otherwise, they need to be fixed.

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