squid and TIS http-gw

From: Darryl Bond <dbond@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 1997 16:01:16 +1000

I have a working TIS firewall and I have set up a squid cache inside my
firewall on a separate box.

The firewall does not pass DNS back into the internal network (Use NIS+
& WINS) therefor squid does not have any DNS information.
There is also no internal networks ie nrggos.com.au is not a name used
internally. (NIS+ uses a name called gps.com)

There are several subnets internally

The firewall (name gateway) uses http-gw on port 1180.
The squid cache (name cache1) is configured
- squid.conf

icp_port 0
cache_host gateway parent 1180 0 no-query default
inside_firewall cache1 gps.com . (Note the dot)

The proxy works fine but doesn't appear to use the cache.
Mostly goes to the firewall and denotes a TCP_MISS for a refresh from a
site. ( Sometimes gets a TCP_HIT but rarely)

Darryl Bond
NRG Gladstone Operating Services Pty Ltd ( Gladstone Power Station )
[email: dbond@nrggos.com.au] [voice: (079) 765756] [fax: (079) 765100]
snail: PO Box 5046 Gladstone 4680 Queensland , Australia
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