Cisco Cache Engine

From: Steve Ollis <>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997 10:05:56 +1000

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On Tuesday, 2 of our team went on a Cisco promotional morning.

Both of them came back `excited' about a NEW Cisco product - the
Cisco Cache Engine. In a nutshell, it appears to be an IOS hack to
redirect port 80 traffic to a dedicated Intel based box running the
Cisco Cache Engine software. The cache engines then go and get the
URLs ala standard proxy. There is functionality built in for multiple
engines doing caching, and there appears to be some hashing done on
the router so that URLs are grouped on a certain cache engine. The
main gotcha - have to have a 75xx or 72xx series router to run the
Cache Director version of IOS.

My first question was: does it do ICP? No. (I've been told that next
release will, but unverified)

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