File Upload

From: Rodney Barnett <>
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 1997 15:27:53 -0500

I've just subscribed to this list, so please excuse me if I violate local
protocol. Normally, I'd read messages for a while before posting anything,
but I'm under pressure to get a problem solved and it might be Squid that's
the source.

My question is are people successfully do file uploads through Squid?

I have a packet trace that appears to show Netscape 4.x (not the latest,
but I can't recall the exact version) sending up a Word document correctly
(about 32K) and another packet trace collected simultaneously that appears
to show Squid sending the first few bytes of the document and then stopping
abruptly. The server on the receiving end appears to wait 50 to 60 seconds
and then generates an error.

This particular case is Squid 1.1.10 on Linux 2.0.23. In general, this
set up has been running successfully for many months.

I also have a packet trace showing Squid 1.1.16's output to the same server
with a different Word document. This time we upload over 250K and then
suddenly the remaining 400K or so is skipped and a few of the trailing
upload headers (for some of the other fields from the HTML form) appear
along with the final MIME boundary. The server pretty quickly recognizes
the end of the input this time and generates an error. I don't have a
trace of the input to Squid in this case, so I can't be sure that Netscape
didn't mangle it.

I expect that there's not enough information here for anyone to give me any
definitive answers, but does any of it ring any bells for anyone?


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