Re: SGI.COM is a black hole for squid 1.1.x???!!

From: Penisoara Adrian <>
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 22:54:00 +0300 (EEST)


>For some unexplained reason WWW.SGI.COM just absorbs all of squid's
>attemptes to retrieve pages. Netscape and IE just sit there with their
>throber's spinning and never return any data. If I turn the proxying in
>the browser SGI responds almost instantly. WHY? All other sites I have
>tried work perfectly. According to Netcraft WWW.SGI.COM is running
>Netscape-Enterprise/2.01. Sybase also uses that server and I have no
>problems connecting to there. What gives?

 Someone posted a message on the inet-access list with a similar
situation; their problem was solved by changing the MTU size from 1500 to
a lower number. I'm sorry but I cannot provide you at this moment more
details, my mailing-list archives are broken... But check this URL:

>Platform = RedHat Linux 4.1 on Intel.
>Link = 33k6 modem.
>Squid version = 1.1.16
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