BSDI / xmalloc - the FAQ fix doesn't fix it for me - help!

From: Simon Rainey <>
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 12:34:34 +0100


I'm running Squid 1.NOVM.15 under BSDI 2.1 on a PentiumPro platform with
128MB RAM and an 8GB spool. The cache_swap setting is 6800.

When the cache reaches around 2.4GB I start getting

xmalloc: Unable to allocate 4096 bytes!
xcalloc: Unable to allocate 1 blocks of 248 bytes!

type messages. This is after I've added the lines

options "DFLDSIZ=67108864"
options "MAXDSIZ=134217728"

to my kernel config file and rebuilt the kernel / rebooted the server.

At the point that Squid throws up the xmalloc errors it is using around 33M
of RAM according to top, and there is 68M of free memory.

The kernel config file also contains these lines

# options "KMEMSIZE=\(16*1024*1024\)"
# options "DFLSSIZ=\(4*1024*1024\)"

which are commented out. What do these control and should I uncomment them?

Thanks in advance.
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