outgoing_address selection based on client acl

From: Erik Walthinsen <omega@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 1997 00:05:55 -0700

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I have a situation at my house where I need to have squid route MISS traffic
through a certain IP/interface depending on what the source IP is. Here're
the details:

I have a router machine (6x86/P133+ running RedHat 4.2/Linux 2.0.30) that has
two modems. One is connected full-time to one provider, europa.com. The
other is demand-dial to a second provider, aracnet.com. The full-time is
mine, the demand-dial is my parents'.

What I need squid to do is determine, based on client IP, which connection to
use. My parents' machine (phredd.omegacs.net) should always go through the
demand-dial connect, while all other traffic (mine) should go through the
full-time connect.

I am looking through the code (1.1.16) right now, trying to figure out how to
do this. It looks as if I want to convert the *_outgoing_address entries to
lists, ala cache_host. To each line should then be added an acl entry (which
I assume will survive the forward reference, as per existing squid.conf
layout, with *_outgoing_address before acl's), which would then dictate
where things are directed for each MISS.

I plan to implement *something* to do this, whether the above scheme works or
I have to use something different. I would appreciate feedback on the
feasibility of the above method and suggestions about how to or not to do


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