question on purge

From: Doug Fairclough <>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 09:16:37 -0700 (PDT)

in the FAQ in section 7.5 it describes how to purge on object from the
squid internet cache :

   A purge feature was added to Squid-1.1.6. It only allowed you to purge
   HTTP objects until Squid-1.1.11. Squid
   does not allow you to purge objects unless it is configured with access
   controls in squid.conf. First you must
   add something like

        acl PURGE method purge
        acl localhost src
        http_access allow purge localhost
        http_access deny purge

does this imply that this functionality was removed after Squid-1.1.11 ?

assuming this is _not_ so, the faq goes on to state that purging is done
using the client program, as in :

        client -m PURGE

is anyone doing this ? i need a recommendation on how to do this from an
environment where cgi scripts running off the web server make the decision
as to when this needs to be done. it appears i could simply fork a
process that accepts a parameter url and then simply fires off this

i am using squid in accelerator mode.

TIA ! any help in understanding how to use this feature would be
greatly appreciated !

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