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From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 97 09:40:11 -0700 writes:

>in the FAQ in section 7.5 it describes how to purge on object from the
>squid internet cache :
> A purge feature was added to Squid-1.1.6. It only allowed you to purge
> HTTP objects until Squid-1.1.11. Squid
> does not allow you to purge objects unless it is configured with access
> controls in squid.conf. First you must
> add something like
> acl PURGE method purge
> acl localhost src
> http_access allow purge localhost
> http_access deny purge
>does this imply that this functionality was removed after Squid-1.1.11 ?

No. After 1.1.11 you can also purge FTP, Gopher, etc.

>assuming this is _not_ so, the faq goes on to state that purging is done
>using the client program, as in :
> client -m PURGE
>is anyone doing this ? i need a recommendation on how to do this from an
>environment where cgi scripts running off the web server make the decision
>as to when this needs to be done. it appears i could simply fork a
>process that accepts a parameter url and then simply fires off this
>i am using squid in accelerator mode.
>TIA ! any help in understanding how to use this feature would be
>greatly appreciated !

You can simply open a socket to the cache (port 80 in your case I guess)
and write the HTTP request:

    PURGE /foo/bar.html HTTP/1.0

Duane W.
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