Your huge access.log files wanted :)

From: John Todd <>
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 97 16:39:31 -0400

Hello -
  I'm trying to perform some traffic analysis on cache logs, and I've come
to the conclusion that I need to get a larger community logfile than what I
have available before I can reach any conclusions. If any of you could help
me out by forwarding to me your logfiles (the larger, the better :) out of
your squids, this would help a lot in my stats quest.

  I'm looking for the access.log files; I don't need any other cache
information. Please feel free to strip out the IP addresses of the
requestors, if you keep such private data in your logs. All I need to get
are the objects URLs, timestamps of the events, and object size records.

  For what it's worth, I'm examining (among other things) object size
distributions, AS path (yes, I know this is a broken test, but humor me), and
forward/inverse matching tests. I'd also like to see any correspondances
between caches from geographically separate locations, so please include your
timezone and country (you can email this to me, if you'd like, or put it at
the top of the file.)

  I very much appreciate your time and bandwidth, and I will share whatever
results I extract from the collected files.

  Please upload to:

and give your upload an interesting name that will be unique (eg: NOT access_log ;)

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