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From: Dave Zarzycki <>
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 97 20:18:16 -0700

On 10/8/97 6:20 PM, Aleksandr Huson ( wrote:

> I'm trying to set up a transparent http proxy by running squid on a
>separate server, routing everythin through that server, and using ipfwadm
>with transparent proxying to redirect everything that comes in on port 80
>to port 8080 (where i have squid running). When i have a client on this
>setup... and i try and call up and external site... i get an error from
>squid saying invalid url syntax... if i use an ip address to call up an
>external site sometimes it works. My guess is that if netscape doesn't
>think its going throught a server then it separates the server from the
>location in the url then tries to contact the server itself... which means
>that squid is only getting the location bit... but not the server bit...
>Am i right?? and does anyone know a way around this, or a better way i can
>proxy http transparently???

Since you mentioned ipfwadm, I will assume that you are using Linux.

What kernel are you running?
What software package are you using to redirect the connection to the
foreign machine? (Yes the kernel does the redirecting work, but only to a
local port, what is the software that listens on that port and forwards
the request?)


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