Re: How to launch squid

From: Anthony DeBoer <>
Date: 9 Oct 1997 13:58:51 -0000

David Richards <> writes:
> Try the following: chown -R squid.squidgrp /usr/local/squid

It's actually only the cache and logs subdirectories, with everything
in and under them, that need to be writable by the squid effective

I've been playing with a RunCache-replacement I wrote that puts squid in
a chroot-jail in /usr/local/squid and starts squid itself as the
unpriviledged squid user rather than as root; various bits of operating
system need to get copied to places like /usr/local/squid/etc and
/usr/local/squid/lib and it gets a bit hairy and system-dependent. It's
not allowed to modify its own binaries or config files in the bin and etc
subdirectories. IMHO this is the way to go if you might be thinking
about running squid as a firewall proxy.

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