Updating squid

From: Marilia Trevisan Stein <marilia@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 15:48:24 -0300

Hi all,

I am trying to update from squid 1.1.8 to 1.1.14, and I am getting in
trouble. I have 1.1.8 installed on freebsd, and all is fine.

With the new installation, I am defining a hierarchy of web cache, and I
need to use the tag icp_port 3130. But when I run RunCache, the following
messages appears:

Unlinkd pipe opened on FD28 commBind: cannot bind socket FD34 to *:3130:
(48) Address already in use, and I can not start squid.

Someone can help me? Must I define anything else in another file?

Received on Fri Oct 10 1997 - 11:59:07 MDT

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