Authentication problem

From: Duncan Anker <>
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 1997 21:23:26 PDT


I've been trying to get authentication working on our proxy to
ease identification of who is visiting what sites.

Keeping a separate password file is not ideal, as I would like
everyone to be able to use the same password - so I thought I
could NFS mount the password file from our main UNIX server.

It didn't work. After tracing through the code in client_side.c
and finding where the passwords are cached, I tried changing

passwd = strtok(NULL,"\n")


passwd = strtok(NULL,":\n")\

in the appropriate places, and still no joy. Since according to
my understanding of strtok, this should allow Apache style password
files and standard UNIX password files to both work, what have I
overlooked? Is there another section of code somewhere that needs

Before anyone suggests it, yes I have compiled with
-DUSE_PROXY_AUTH and have a proxy_auth line in my squid.conf, and it
works fine if I use an Apache style list and don't meddle with the
code ...

Any suggestions?



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