Re: load distribution in a cache array

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 07:31:38 +0200

Gregory Maxwell wrote:

> the load.. But it would not be that nessassary: Use RR-DNS (or
> some other typical RR method) and run the caches as proxy only..
> The extra latency from fetching from another box and waiting for
> the ICP is tiny..

Yes, an if we then extend this a bit and instead of using no-cache, use
some kind of short-time cache, then we will really load balance quite
well.. in fact so well that even if all klients go and fetch the same
page the load will be evenly distributed, without a noticeable
redundancy in the caches (only the most frequent pages are stored
redundantly, which helps to keep the load distributed).

But still there is some waste of bandwidth between the caches, but as
you said it is rarely a problem since these caches are typically located
on the same LAN (or even dedicated net-segment).

Henrik Nordström
Received on Sun Oct 12 1997 - 22:36:53 MDT

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