Re: causing looping?

From: Peter Eisenhauer <>
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 1997 10:54:27 +0200 (MET DST)

>>>>> "AR" == Adam Rigby <> writes:

AR> This appears to happen on our squid as well. I've tried the PURGE, it works
AR> fine the first time. If it is coming from a cache then a looping situation
AR> occurs.
AR> We have used "fake_user_agent Mozilla/3.0", I don't know whether this would
AR> make a difference. I would like to know if someone doesn't use this and
AR> gets the same problem.

AR> The only immediate solution I can see is a cache_stoplist on
AR> so that it is accessed DIRECTly. Anybody have a thought or two on a solution.

AR> ~Regards
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No fake_useragent here and looping (squid 1.1.17). Remark: cache_stoplist will
not make the fetches be done directly, it only will stop caching.

Using these settings in squid.conf:

# do not fetch these from parents
hierarchy_stoplist default.asp ie40.asp

# Do not cache these:
cache_stoplist_pattern/i default\.asp$
cache_stoplist_pattern/i ie40\.asp$

and removing (see the FAQ how to remove objects from the cache)

from the cache it seems to work. Thanks to Microsoft for this exciting
morning. May be I should send them a bill (no, not a bill gates ! :-) )

        Peter Eisenhauer
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