Re: Transparent cache

From: Oskar Pearson <>
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 01:05:57 +0200


> 1. Wouldn't it be better to use "Host:" header for URL completion
> than the virtual proxy mode? Only outdated versions of Lynx do not
I thought about this when someone posted a patch to do this...
I decided it wasn't a good idea because it means that your cache
isn't going to do DNS lookups... it's fine if you are peering
to a set of large cache machines that are all going to use the DNS
name, but if it's going to be the main server it's not worth doing,

> 2. As I could not set up the cache on our router (it is cisco :-)
> I've run into trouble with ICMP messages of type 3 code 4 (Need Frag)
> as they are neccessary for TCP protocol operation, but had aliased
> addresses and went to the "real" destination host (e.g. :-)
> instead of the cache server. Have anyone overcome the problem in a nice way?
> (If it's interesting to anybody I can tell about my solution)
This is one of the reasons the linux box normally has to be the default route,
so that it can intercept the outgoing ICMP messages... AFAIK it's not
possible to intercept them with the cisco... hmm - more discussion for
my transproxy list.... I forgot about this gotcha

What about changing the system - use the BSD box as a default route for
all traffic, and point it's default route to the cisco - this way it
does IP-NAT for the port 80 requests, and will thus pick up the ICMP stuff

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