Squid and Netscape

From: Tim Dolezal <dolezal@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 08:51:22 +0000

Under the newer versions of Netscpae when you want to connect to a
host, say http://www.microsoft.com, all you have to do is type in
microsoft in the open line. Problem that I am seeing is that
Netscape sends a query to Squid which says: http://microsoft. Squid
dutifully sends back his unknown host page which Netscape thinks is
the connection to http://www.microsoft.com. Is there a way to make
squid not return this page thus having Netscape go through it's
iterations and finding the right host?

I am currently running Netscape 4.03 and squid 1.1.14.

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