Re: Squid and msie and NTLM authentication

From: Stephen R. van den Berg <>
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 1997 01:21:45 +0200

Jacques Gelinas wrote:
>What I understand of the NTLM authentication scheme is that IIS 3.0
>require this from MSIE client and in some case, this is the only scheme
>allowed. This make usage of squid all of a sudden impractical in most

It depends.
I have researched this recently. As far as I could determine, the
NTLM authentication seems to be dependent on keep-alive TCP connections.
So, I've been working on perfecting the (very broken) keep-alive
support in Squid. I was making progress, but it wasn't perfect yet,
as I read a document from Micro$oft...

Something along the lines of: NTLM authentication does *not* work
through a proxy server (not even Microsoft's own proxy server), NTLM
is mostly intended to be used across a local intranet.
That means, NLTM should not be used on the Internet at large
(by way of Micro$oft's recommendation).

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