Re: Squid replacing Netscape-Proxy-Server

From: Martin Ibert <>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 12:42:17 +0100

Hi Henny and Bert,

> > At the moment we have a netscape-proxy-server running on a Sun Ultra
> > machine, offering both caching and autoconfiguration on the same port
> > (8080). How can keep this functionality while switching to squid ?
> >
> It depends on what you want.. You might temporarily run both caches
> on one system using port IP 3128 for Squid and 8080 for Netscape.

I would guess that Bert meant something different: that clients get both
their autoconf script and their proxied objects from the same port.

Yes, that is possible. You need to run an HTTP server that serves the
autoconfig script (with the correct content-type, or it won't work). Run
squid in HTTP accelerator mode and point it to the HTTP server that
serves the autoconf script. Do not disable proxying when switching squid
to accel mode, however.

If you need more specific info on this, feel free to ask me.

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