RE: Squid and Windows NT ASP

From: Armistead, Jason <>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 21:18:00 -0500

>From: Kristian Bjornskov[]
>Sent: Thursday, 30 October 1997 1:06
>Subject: Squid and Windows NT ASP
>I am using Squid 1.NOVM.17 running on a Linux 2.0.29, and are very happy
>with it. But we have a little problem with our web- and mailserver. It i
>a WindowsNT server running Exchange and IIS. It has a nice
>web-interface, but it use somthing called challange-responce ore
>someting for its advanced server pages ASP. This does not seems to work
>with Squid. Is there any way to help this, or is that just imposible. It
>does not seems to work even tough the server and the client is placed on
>the same network.

As mentioned in the Squid FAQ, NTLM Challenge-Response authentication
doesn't work thru squid. In fact, it doesn't work thru MS-Proxy either
!!! (Apparently it's designed for LAN-only usage, not the Internet at
large) You'll have to use BASIC authentication instead.


Jason Armistead
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