RE: Optimum HD space.

From: Marco Aurelio S. Lopes <>
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 14:51:22 -0200

At 15:50 30/10/97 -0000, you wrote:
>In both cases, you have to work out the memory requirements for the
>internal cache structures. I've got a relatively small cache, so my
>figures aren't representative, but you could look through the squid-
>users list archive, or better still, if someone here could post the
>disk usage of a squid that is close to 200Mb RAM usage, and whether
>its VM or NOVM.

Case in point:

        Squid 1.1.16 VM, Solaris x86 2.5.1

        cache disk consumption: 3.785 MBytes
        cache swap: 3800
        cache mem: 93
        process VM size: 162 MB (with top), or 165 MB (with /usr/ucb/ps)
        process real memory: 125 MB

>Oh, bugger, I've just seen Henny Bekker's reply. Oh well, I'll send
>this anyway.
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