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Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 08:45:57 -0800 (PST)

> Sorry to object. But if he's got a hard limit of 256Mb RAM, then you
> can't just add as much cache as you like. Remember that squid needs
> to be able to run in memory. A swapping squid will suffer performance
> problems really badly.
> Firstly, it matters whether you use VM or NOVM versions of squid.
> Memory requirements of NOVM are, of course, less. If you use the VM
> version, then you have to know what number of simultaneous users to
> expect.
> In both cases, you have to work out the memory requirements for the
> internal cache structures. I've got a relatively small cache, so my
> figures aren't representative, but you could look through the squid-
> users list archive, or better still, if someone here could post the
> disk usage of a squid that is close to 200Mb RAM usage, and whether
> its VM or NOVM.

I run the VM version of Squid on a Sun Ultra-1 with 320MB of RAM. Squid
is the only thing running on this system except for Apache serving up
the proxy.pac and a informational home page.

I use four 2.1GB disks for the cache. This proxy serves the San Diego
State University campus. We have about 30,000 students and roughly
5,000 faculty/staff. The only The current memory usage is:

last pid: 14274; load averages: 0.21, 0.20, 0.19 08:26:38
59 processes: 57 sleeping, 1 running, 1 on cpu
CPU states: 77.4% idle, 3.8% user, 6.2% kernel, 12.6% iowait, 0.0% swap
Memory: 309M real, 9072K free, 214M swap, 278M free swap

17853 root -1 0 192M 182M run 526:03 7.32% 6.35% squid

Squid reports:
Connection information for squid:
        Number of TCP connections: 1871666
        Number of UDP connections: 2838
        Connections per hour: 10017.8
Cache information for squid:
        Storage Swap size: 6304 MB
        Storage Mem size: 34935 KB

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