Re: Optimum HD space.

From: David J N Begley <>
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 09:17:12 +1100 (EST)

Larmour, Jonathan wrote:

> users list archive, or better still, if someone here could post the
> disk usage of a squid that is close to 200Mb RAM usage, and whether
> its VM or NOVM.

Just another data point (in case anyone's actually collecting this
stuff) - the University of Western Sydney, Nepean's (UWS Nepean) top-level
proxy is the VM version of Squid 1.1.17 (1.1.15 ran for well over a month
non-stop 'til I had the machine rebooted).

The machine is dedicated to running the proxy - absolutely nothing else is
on the box (at the moment anyway); it's a Sun Ultra Enterprise 2 Model
2170 with 512Mb RAM. The cache is spread over six 4.2Gb Fast/Wide SCSI
7,200rpm disks (on their own SCSI adapter). Direct user population being
served is about 13,000 students and 1,200 staff - given that the proxy has
nine siblings at other NSW universities, indirect user population would
have to over 100,000 users.

Memory usage "at this minute" according to "top" is:

last pid: 10450; load averages: 0.18, 0.17, 0.16 09:08:16
47 processes: 45 sleeping, 1 stopped, 1 on cpu
CPU states: 90.5% idle, 2.0% user, 3.5% kernel, 4.0% iowait, 0.0% swap
Memory: 497M real, 8040K free, 387M swap, 1048M free swap

  281 cwis 8 0 370M 326M sleep 23.6H 4.04% 4.40% squid

From "cachemgr.cgi":

Connection information for squid:
        Number of TCP connections: 3639267
        Number of UDP connections: 5421870
        Connections per hour: 54485.5
Cache information for squid:
        Storage Swap size: 17018 MB
        Storage Mem size: 115199 KB


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