Cache index mangled?

From: Dancer <>
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 1997 00:06:00 +1000

Semi-amusing situation. One of our internal web-sites got a bit of a
shock. They accessed the page via the proxy and got a porn site instead.
I used client to pull the page, and was from some completely
different site.

I can only trace it to a shutdown earlier in the day when the cache swap
log was writing out but the machine shut down before it finished the
job. I switched off 'reload_into_ims' and used client to reload the URL.
No problems (though there was no way at all to make it reload with
'reload_into_ims' on...which is probably not all that suprising).

This is probably an anomalous occurance, rather than a bug. I'm curious
if anyone's seen anything resembling it before, though.


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