Re: Proxy-only squid setup (was: Re: Redirecting squid requests through an anti-virus proxy)

From: Stewart Forster <>
Date: Thu, 06 Nov 1997 09:47:36 +1100

> my first try for a squid.conf would be something like:
> cache_stoplist :
> # all URLs have a : and we don't want to cache anything

        That'd do it.

> cache_mem 0
> # good idea/bad idea? cache_mem always puzzles me

        BAD idea. You need cache_mem to at least temporarily store the incoming
object into before it gets tossed away anyway. Set cache_mem to say 32M.

> cache_swap 0
> # nothing to cache nothing to swap?

        Probably also bad. Set it to 32M also. Squid likes to think it has
stuff to swap into, even if it actually won't need it. You might like to look
at pointing your swap dir at a tmpfs mounted directory.

> quick_abort 0 0 0
> # abort immediately if client no longer there

quick_abort 0 100 0

That's what you want.

> swap_level1_dirs 1
> swap_level2_dirs 1
> # squid wan't to create them, but it should only create a few

Try 4 for both. I'm not sure but 1 is probably an evil number for the

> As I said, my first try. But then some of my first tries end up in an
> core dump ;)
> Unfortunately there is nothing about a proxy-only squid in the FAQ,
> so its either so easy to configure or no one ever thougt about a
> proxy-only squid before?

The above parameters are probably a little generous, but at least get around
the troubles usually associated with running out of swap/mem.


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