Proxy-only squid setup (was: Re: Redirecting squid requests through an anti-virus proxy)

From: Bernd P. Ziller <>
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 08:00:11 +0100 (MET)

> > I would use two squids then, and place the antivirus between them.
> >
> > users -> squid with cache -> antivirus -> squid not caching -> parents/neighbors
> Which brings up the question:
> How do you configure a minimalist squid that doesn't do any caching?
> Would you set cache_mem to 0 is squid.conf and swap to 0, and expire
> everything instantly with the refresh? Would squid still need to retrieve
> objects temporarily into ram? I ask as I have a need for a proxy-only
> squid config.

my first try for a squid.conf would be something like:

cache_stoplist :
# all URLs have a : and we don't want to cache anything

cache_mem 0
# good idea/bad idea? cache_mem always puzzles me

cache_swap 0
# nothing to cache nothing to swap?

quick_abort 0 0 0
# abort immediately if client no longer there

swap_level1_dirs 1
swap_level2_dirs 1
# squid wan't to create them, but it should only create a few

As I said, my first try. But then some of my first tries end up in an
core dump ;)
 Unfortunately there is nothing about a proxy-only squid in the FAQ,
so its either so easy to configure or no one ever thougt about a
proxy-only squid before?


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