Re: Connection Timed out problem

From: Scott Howard <>
Date: Fri, 07 Nov 1997 11:46:50 +0000

We were seeing this happening recently as well whilst running 1.1.14 - we
were unable to get to our own homepage, but were able to get to others.

After upgrading to 1.1.17 the problem seems to have gone away. There was a
change in 1.1.15 (from memory) which fixed a problem with IPs for popular
sites being corrupted - I can only presume this is what was causing it.


At 13:17 6/11/97 +0000, Nick O'Brien wrote:
>We had a strange problem with Squid (squid 1.NOVM14 on Digital Unix
>3.2C) this morning.
>Connections to (our site's web server) suddenly
>failed - the reason give by Squid on the error page was "(60) Connection
>timed out". However connecting to throught our CERN
>proxy (which runs on the same host as Squid) was fine as was pinging
> from the Squid host.
>Also even stranger connections to (our domain is defined as
>both and in our DNS) through Squid were fine.
>The Squid logs did not show the reason for the problem, only
>ERR_CONNECT_FAIL messages for
>Restarting Squid cleared the problem, but has anyone else seen this happen?
>   Nick.
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