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From: Armistead, Jason <>
Date: Sun, 09 Nov 1997 19:12:00 -0500


My $0.02 observations as follows

>From: Dave Zarzycki[]
>Sent: Saturday, 8 November 1997 5:29
>Subject: Re: squid -k reconfigure
>On 11/7/97 10:08 AM, Francois Renou ( wrote:
>>I'm running squid v1.116 with the nice proxy_auth patch. So proxying is
>>authenticated and I let the users change their passwords whenever they
>>want through a cgi.

I would be interested in having a look at your code Francois for doing
this. I would love to allow users to change PROXY (not login) passwords
at will, but as yet haven't come up with a good bit of CGI. Please send
it directly to me, or give me a URL where I can get it.

>For their new password to be taken into account we
>>have to "squid -k reconfigure" (for example through a cron"). My problem
>>is that when I reconfigure squid all browsers in activity (fetching
>>pages through http) lose the proxy (pop-up no proxy available....) and
>>have to be restarted (I mean reload doesn't work neither SHIFT
>>Did I miss something in my squid configuration?
>If you were patient, the changes would take effect automatically. squid
>checks the password file every five minutes to see if it has been
>updated. No need to reconfigure!
>If that's to slow, go change the code (it's measured in seconds).

So, if we want to change the code, what would be a more "reasonable"
time period, balancing the check versus the overhead of reloads ? The
real "catch" is that a user who does change his password can't then use
the proxy for sites requiring authentication for at worst case 5 minutes
(till squid notices his/her new credentials). Or, does the users
password remain cached by Squid that long, in which case the user has to
use their old password for up to 5 more minutes, till squid will then
force a re-authentication to appear ?


Jason Armistead
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