Actual sizes (Was: CCD striping on FreeBSD & Squid)

From: Alex Rousskov <>
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 09:06:22 -0600 (CST)

On Thu, 13 Nov 1997, Yar Tikhiy wrote:

> IMHO, Squid does not differ too much from the newsserver,
> because the average object size is larger than the average
> article size only by one order of magnitude (15-20K vs 2-4K,
> not considering alt.binaries.* :-)

IMHO, an average (median) swap request is probably about 2-4K for Squid.
The "magic" 15-20K is for _mean_ network _transfer_ size measured by
counting every entry in the access log. The actual median transfer size is
smaller than 4K in reality. Median [cached] _file_ size is usually less
than 4K too:
Look under "Transfer Sizes" and "File Sizes".

You might want to consider that when setting your "store_avg_object_size"
as well as the interleaving factor for CCD.

My $0.02,

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