Re: Started VMS port - but I need some help !!!!!

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 97 09:36:31 -0800 writes:

>Not being a real sockets programmer, can someone explain why COMM.C uses
>fcntl calls instead of ioctl codes ? The DEC C run-time library only
>supports ioctl. The parameters look similar for both fcntl and ioctl,
>so I am not sure what the real differences are, and if someone can point
>me to either a direct code replacement for the following fragment using
>ioctl, or provide other help, I would be most greatful.

Sorry, I can't help much with the lack of fcntl() on VMS. I'm not
aware of an ioctl() which can set non-blocking, but that doesn't mean
one doesn't exist.

>PS: DNSSERVER works !!! Oh yeah !!!!


>PPS: Is the fact that UCX doesn't support IP Multicast going to be a
>problem (it looks like if IP_MULTICAST_TTL is not defined then no harm
>is done - multicast just won't work) ?

No worries, multicast is purely optional.

Duane W.
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