Re: refresh patterns and other nitpicks

From: Stefan Monnier <monnier+lists/squid/news/>
Date: 14 Nov 1997 15:24:29 -0500

Bertold Kolics <> writes:
> > Would it be possible to specify refresh_pattern in terms of content-type
> > rather than in terms of url ?
> The problem is (as Duane pointed out) that it is not sure that if at
> one point we receive a specific content-type for a given URL then next
> time we retrieve this URL we will get the same content-type.

I fail to see what the problem is: if you have it fresh in cache, return it, if
you don't, go fetch it and reset its freshness based on its (potentially new)
content-type. It seems that such a refresh is necessary already in the current

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