Re: Squid vs Apache

From: Dancer <>
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 23:13:33 +1000

No, apache doesn't use HTTP/1.1 for proxying. Nor does it use persistant
connections when proxying either, that I am aware of.

As for squid 1.2(beta), no it doesn't use HTTP/1.1 (in it's entirety) but it
_does_ use 1.1's cache control mechanisms, and persistant connections (which are
supported by both Netscape Navigator/Communicator and MSIE), but not
compression, multiplexing and so forth.

I've got a test system set up with 1.2beta6 (I thought beta5 worked better, to
tell the truth...but there have been no crashes since beta3..but I'd not call it
ready), and the persistant connections make a _considerable_ improvement in data
flow-through rates.
Pages DO load MUCH faster, and over a period the percentage saving on raw
bandwidth adds up. Yes, it means higher data-transfer rates for less bandwidth
per object...and that's worth drooling over.

(I pause to acquire a container for the obligatory spittle)

I'd love to see the compression and multiplexing extensions, and indeed a full
HTTP/1.1 implementation...but heck...I can wait for that if it means we get 1.2
stable and out the door faster.

It's getting harder (at least from where I'm sitting) to find bugs in the
product....although there are a couple I wouldn't wish on the unsuspecting
(redirects no coming through to the client properly, and squid-generated error
messages being truncated before being fully transmitted to a client) but I don't
doubt they'll be fixed within a short period of time.


Tuomo Pyhala wrote:

> > Squid is MUCH MUCH MUCH faster than the Apache cache. Apache's cache is
> > still in alpha/beta/testing if I remember right too. Squid is released and
> > well tested, and known to work. Also, Squid is specifically intended to
> > cache, while Apache does it as an add-on to its primary function of web
> > serving.
> I was just wondering if apache uses HTTP/1.1 in proxy function too? How
> could it affect performance? At least w3 documents show performance boost
> when using HTTP/1.1 instead of HTTP/1.0.
> P.S: How about squid and HTTP/1.1? Is there some support in 1.2betas?

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