RE: No forwarding / URL syntax

From: Gatt, Noel <>
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 06:21:46 -0600

Thanks Berthold. The problem with the first approach is that in a live
environment, squid has to distinguish between intranets (DIRECT access)
and Internet (through parent). This, for now, I can only do via the
local_ip directives. Setting the inside_firewall to none will disable
this feature and all misses will be forwarded to the parent.

I will port version 1.1.18 and see how it goes.


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>1. Have you set the inside_firewall option appropriately?
>2. underscore in URL: take a look at url.c the urlParse method.
> There you can add underscore to the accepted characters in the
> hostname part. (Maybe this should be an option in the Makefile ...)
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