Re: Features

From: Scott Donovan <>
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 10:44:22 +1100

>For heavily loaded caches (>100,000 request/hour) you will start to see CPU
>problems. One of my proxy-servers is currently using 30-40% CPU of a
>PPro200 with 100,000-120,000 reqs/hour.

Agreed, we have two caches acting as the top of the hierarchy and would be
pushed for cpu if they had to compress ...

On the other hand, we have a significant number of single B channel
customers who would very much appreciate the 18-20% savings.

If you could switch compression on/off based on an acl for individual
clients this would allow you to balance cpu/throughput.

I just had a look at our combined throughput for a month and html accounted
for 29% of our overall proxy traffic.
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