Re: Squid-logs / User-restriction

From: Dave Zarzycki <>
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 97 13:24:59 -0800

On 11/24/97 12:32 PM, Bjoern A. Zeeb ( wrote:

>even if everything I want to ask is documented soemwhere or has already
>often been discussed, I dont' have the time to look it up.


>My first question: With the access.log I can find out which client asked
>for which information. Is it possible to also get the date/time ?

>2. If possible, is there any script around which can sort all inquired
>informations for each host and/or in time order ?

Mr. Lazy, be more specific! The log file is in time order. Now what do
you want to accomplish? Are you concerned about the remote hosts? or the
local ones? What exactly do you want to accomplish.

>3. Can anybody tell me what each column of all the 3 (access.log,
>cache.log, store.log) is for ?
cache.log = status of the cache.

>4. Is it possible to force squid to deny all inquiries after a number of
>Mbs where fetched in a special time (say 100Mb / month) ?

Not in this incarnation of squid. Why would you want to shoot yourself in
the foot, I don't know. The easiest solution is to slow down your pipe to
the net...

>5. Is it possible to do this (4.) for each user (say (5Mb / month) ?

goto #4.

>6. If it is yet impossible to do one of the things, would anyone
>implement it ?

Feel free to do it yourself. But IMHO, you should block web access
altogether if you don't want people using it. Rationing it out it little
nibbles sounds silly.

>For explanation : We (a school) have got a limited IP-Volume (http/ftp)
>of 100Mb per month. Till now this was no problem but the last two weeks
>our users got about 150 Mb ( about 100 Mb images - no porno, no sex !!!)

So what do you do when you start running out of bandwidth in a matter of

Buy more bandwidth.

>So my first problem this morning was to filter out the information what
>it was and it would have been nice to know who it was to tell them that
>they restrict their image-addiction. But without time/date I couldn't do
>that. If like that will happen again I will have to stop any
>demands - for that the question about limitation.

Make all the demands you want to /dev/null.
Mail requests and bug reports to squid-users.

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