Re: Squid infinite looping

From: Dancer <>
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 02:25:41 +1000

> Who can devise another way to make Squid loop?

Umm, nope...But I discovered I can crash 1.1.18...Seems if I do an
'objects' request on my hub cache she goes boom. Now, it wasn't doing
this _yesterday_, but two trials today (one of which was the initial
accident) caused it to consume all available memory and crash.

Linux 2.0.27. 64MB ram+64MB swap. Cache chugging along using about 62MB
of RAM...until I request the objects list (~201,000 objects).

About the last meaningful clue before it dies is:

WARNING: Exceeded 'cache_mem' size (16476K > 16384K)

Does anyone think that this points to Squid unable to handle an objects
request that is larger than cache_mem?


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