Re: Novell Border Manager Interopability with squid?

From: Leigh Porter <>
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 07:56:16 +0000

John Warburton wrote:
> Hi
> We have squid running as our main cache to the Internet. Our remote
> branches are only running Netware 4.x or NT, and not Unix, so we can't
> put squid out there :-(
> Using Netware Border Manager is a preferred option due to its stability.
> Has anyone had any experience/comments with running Border Manager cache
> to talk to squid?

No matter what NetWarez does it should be possible to redirect any WWW
traffic from these remote branches through a transparrant proxy so that
no matter what NetWarez does, it need not know about the squid boxes
that do the "real work"(tm)..

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