Re: Squid 1.1.16 boot error - SOLVED

From: Dancer <>
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 1997 19:21:44 +1000

Takashi Tokunaga wrote: But on boot, I'm still getting following message.

> > On boot, it displays something like:
> > "Dec 3 23:22:26 XXXX squid[163]: Unlinked pipe opend on FD 13.
> I haven't figured out why, unlinkd_program is pointing to correct path and
> logs files have correct permission.
> I guess I have to look futher.

No. Don't panic. That's exactly the sort of thing it's supposed to say. It's
telling you that it has opened a control connection to the program 'unlinkd'.
Not that there is a mysterious _unlinked_ pipe. That message is simply telling
you that everything is normal, and that the unlinkd program started up


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