Re: Poor hit/transfer ratio

From: Donovan Baarda <>
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 1997 23:50:30 +1100 (EST)

Without your proxy many of these would probably result in
complete fetches (since your expire rules will be more generous than many
poorly configured sources).
On Wed, 3 Dec 1997, Ken Piotto wrote:

> HI
> Does anyone know if there is a magic number of users (or better, requests
> per unit time) in order to see a respectable hits to kbytes transfered
> ratio?
> I'm presently testing squid1.17 on a user group of approx. 20 people within
> my immediate group before releasing to a substantially larger user group
> within our organization. I've been watching the stats for the last few
> weeks and although hit rate seems pretty good (32% of all requests) the
> total data transfer comprising these hits is a paltry 10%. Conversely
> misses is 65% with total comprised data transfer at 89%. Seems the only
> hits occur on relatively small objects.
remember that most hits will be IMS type requests, so not the whole page
is transfered, just confirmation that the copy the browser already has is
up-to date. Misses, on the other hand, require a full fetch. Many of
these IMS hits would probably have resulted in full fetches.

What this means is although your 32% hits only comprise 10% of your data
transfer, they have actualy reduced your traffic by more than that.

> Since I'm only seeing about 10000 requests per week from such a small group
> I thought that maybe what I'm seeing is a statistical function of small
> numbers. Still the 32% has me scratching my head. ??????
> Oh ya
> squid 1.17, 300M cache, most of which is not used, and 20M Ram.
I'm about the same in every respect; users, cache size, ram, and hit
rate. That 32% looks pretty magic allright :-)

> Any words/suggs apprec'd

I'm about to experiment with increasing the cache size to 500M. Another
thing that improved performance and received positive feedback from my
users is putting in ACL's to block banner ads. I get about 6% DENIED using
three ACL's, which is more than my hit rate on my parent. That is 6%
blocked that would have normaly been misses :-)

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