Poor hit/transfer ratio

From: Ken Piotto <krp@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 97 11:27:41 EST


Does anyone know if there is a magic number of users (or better, requests
per unit time) in order to see a respectable hits to kbytes transfered

I'm presently testing squid1.17 on a user group of approx. 20 people within
my immediate group before releasing to a substantially larger user group
within our organization. I've been watching the stats for the last few
weeks and although hit rate seems pretty good (32% of all requests) the
total data transfer comprising these hits is a paltry 10%. Conversely
misses is 65% with total comprised data transfer at 89%. Seems the only
hits occur on relatively small objects.

Since I'm only seeing about 10000 requests per week from such a small group
I thought that maybe what I'm seeing is a statistical function of small
numbers. Still the 32% has me scratching my head. ??????

Oh ya
squid 1.17, 300M cache, most of which is not used, and 20M Ram.

Any words/suggs apprec'd

Ken Piotto
Bell Solutions

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