Re: Squid 1.1.16 boot error

From: Dancer <>
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 1997 00:57:00 +1000

Hmm. I doubt you should be getting these messages to stderr (which is the
implication). I presume you haven't set the locations for the logfiles
properly, or squid doesn't have the permissions to access those logfiles
under the userid it has been configured to run under.

Only one of the following diagnostic lines is actually an error message.

Takashi Tokunaga wrote:

> Hi All,
> I just installed Squid 1.1.16 onto FreeBSD 2.2.5, and I'm having trouble
> with following error message.
> On boot, it displays something like:
> "Dec 3 23:22:26 XXXX squid[163]: Unlinked pipe opend on FD 13.

This isn't an error. FD13 refers to a file-descriptor which is being used to
communicate with the unlinkd program.

> After that error message, it gives tells me.
> "Dec 3 23:22:26 XXXX squid[163]: Ready to serve requests.".

Good so far.

> So it seems to be running fine, but when I try to use cache server using
> HTTP, it gives me following error message.
> "Dec 3 23:22:26 XXXX squid[163]: TCP connection to
> failed"

Boom. It tried to connect to port 8080 of the target server, and got
'connection refused' (or host unreachable, or network unreachable). Either
way, it couldn't connect to the parent address you gave it

> Does anyone know what "FD 13" error messages mean?

Yes. Not an error, as I pointed out above.

> and could it be realated to "TCP connection" error message?

No. I would say that either:
(a) the host you're trying to have squid connect to is down
(b) the server supposed to be running on that port isn't.
(c) you've got the wrong host address
(d) you've got the wrong port number
(e) there's a firewall in the way.

Pick one (or more)


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