Re: Growing RAM usage by SQUID

From: Stephen R. van den Berg <>
Date: Sat, 6 Dec 1997 17:14:41 +0100

Dancer wrote:
>Running on an unmodified 1.1.17. Not the NOVM version. The NOVM kept the memory

Could you show the "Cache information" of this system? I find it quite
amazing that you only use 64MB of RAM with 8GB of diskcache.
Either I'm missing something, or your cache is filled with a lot of
large objects.

>Stephen R. van den Berg wrote:
>> Dancer wrote:
>> >I'm running an 8GB cache on 64MB of RAM (+64MB swap). Periodic shutdowns (every
>> >couple of days) are necessary. It isn't a leak. It's just bloat from in-transit
>> >allocations.

>> 8GB with 64MB of RAM? What version of Squid are you running?
>> I think the minimum amount of RAM needed to run an unmodified 1.NOVM.18
>> with 8GB of swap is 112MB.

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