Re: Squid and glibc

From: Miquel van Smoorenburg <>
Date: 8 Dec 1997 07:53:13 +0100

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Tom Minchin <> wrote:
> Has anyone had any success with glibc based system and Squid? I

Yep, the latest Debian version (which I maintain) runs fine. That's
squid-1.1.17 on glibc-2.0.6pre2, effectively the same GNU libc as
RedHat uses (2.0.5c + assorted patches).

>noticed the recent "effective_user doesn't work" postings which are on
>RedHat 4.2 Linux on an Alpha system (which has glibc from memory). Red

Probably a RedHat specific problem, then ?

>Hat 5.0 is standardized on glibc, and now exhibits the same error message
>that you should not run it as root.
> I'm hardly a glibc road warrior, and I notice that seteuid and
>related features in glibc are undocumented :(
> A work around is to run Squid as UID 'cache' (or whatever you use),
>it has a few complaints but it still works - as long as it's on a port
>above 1024.

That shouldn't be nessecary. I had no problems with it. You could try
asking on a RedHat specific list though.


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