Shadow on Linux Kernel 2.0.29

From: Rogelio O Morales <>
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 1997 14:37:44 +0800 (PST)

        I disbaled Shadow support (by using the /usr/sbin/pwunconv
command) when I installed Slakware 3.2. I always get "password
incorrect -- login failed" messages whenever I log in even when i'v
already changed passwords.

        Now that shadow support is out of the way, this time I can't FTP
or get e-mail (using client programs such as Eudora and MSIE Mail) from
another host. However, I can access the system using local login.
Surprisingly, I can telnet to the Linux box. What seems to be the

        My kernel is a recompiled version 2.0.29 with net firewalling,
forwarding/gatewaying. A LAN is connected to this Linux box which in
turn is connected to the Internet via a PPP link. I use squid-1.1.18 to
enable LAN users access HTTP services.

        I really want to make use of Shadow's security features. But how
do I get around these problems?

ogie morales
Received on Sun Dec 07 1997 - 23:14:11 MST

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